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UEWM Medical Qigong DAOM 969
Presented by Dr. Chi-hsiu Daniel Weng, Ph.D.
Friday 6 April - Sunday 8 April 9 - 5:30 pm
Congratulations to Dr. James Yu, DDS, 23rd President
Northern California Media Association President Inauguration Ceremony
Evidence-based Practice of Chinese Medicine in Physical Rehabilitation Science
Presented by Dr. Arthur de Sá Ferreira, Centro Universitário Augusto Motta
2017 ShuaiJiao San Francisco World Cup

Images provided by Chris Wong Photography
Welcome to US Collegiate Taiji Federation

USCTF was formed to promote Taiji in higher educational institutions in the USA with modernized learning curriculum for students and faculty staff members. We hope this first project would be a beginning of cooperation among instructors and experts of Taiji. It is our mutual goal to make Taiji a standard in the academic environment, and to extend such teachings to benefit the entire society.
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US Collegiate Taiji Federation
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